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It is often hard to find the right LogTech and ProcureTech solutions, or even to know where to start looking. There are a myriad of solutions for each different use case. ChainTech helps supply chain and IT decision-makers, in both manufacturers, retailers and brand owners, identify and compare the most innovative solutions.

We have built this platform to help end-users shippers (e.g. manufacturers, retailers, brand owners) and 3PLs understand what ChainTech companies do, and how that's relevant for their business. Our goal is to speed up partnerships and supplier relationships between tech vendors and end-users shippers and 3PLs.

Your database of supply chain technology innovations

ChainTech helps executives navigate and operate more effectively within the supply chain technology ecosystem by providing insights and intelligence on hundreds of innovations across e-commerce logistics, trucking marketplace, e-procurement, and 25 other key areas of disruption, see all the categories here.

Benefits to end-users shippers & 3PLs

Discover the latest technology

Search hundreds of vetted supply chain, procurement and logistics solutions from all around the world.

Powerful search filters

With more than 20 categories inside the database, you'll find what you need in a breeze.

Expert knowledge on your side

Search hundreds of vetted supply chain, procurement and logistics solutions from all around the world.

Exclusive group deals (coming soon)

Reduce your implementation and service fee costs by leveraging group buying power.

Your Supply Chain Innovation-as-a-Service Partner

  • Get access to the top ChainTech solutions, specifically identified for your innovation strategy
  • Receive game-changing insights, new solutions updates and analysis
  • Connect with the most exciting startups transforming the supply chain, procurement and logistics profession
  • Implement and integrate cutting-edge technologies and solutions, staying ahead of the competition
  • Drive growth and scale through new connections, strategic investments and unthought of opportunities.

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