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With over 100+ featured startups from all over APAC and the world, the ChainTech database is a place to highlight new LogTech and Procuretech companies and relevant innovative solutions.

Our database includes supply chain, procurement and logistics startups that focus on business model innovations and new technologies across the entire value chain. We only include companies that were established less than ten years ago, and we release new updates on a regular basis.

Save hundreds of research hours with this reliable database on the most interesting supply chain, procurement and logistics technology in APAC and around the world.

Benefits to analysts and investors

Comprehensive Database

Detailed intelligence on dozens of ChainTech innovations including company basics, employee statistics, countries supported, fundraising activity, market adoption.

Get Deeper Insights

With existing competitors, integration/APIs with other ChainTechs, cyber security rating, pricing model, beta testing program, solutions screenshots, and more.

Expert support

Tap into GSCC expertise and reach with our community, blog, newsletter, conferences, roundtable discussions or workshops.

Proven track record

Many Fortune 500 and Top 1000 manufacturers trust GSCC to keep them at the bleeding edge.

What does the database include?

- Company Basics: company name, logo, website, logo, location, founding year, number of employees, tagline, description and their core business model (last mile, freight marketplace, e-procurement, supply chain visibility, risk, etc.)

- Employee Statistics: co-founders names, founder contact email, number of recent senior management hires, total headcount growth (last 6 months) and average time employees spend in the company.

- Countries Supported: we tag every company with the countries they support in APAC. Our database covers 15 countries like China/HK, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, etc.

- Fundraising Activity: a quick look into how much they've raised in total, what the latest fundraising stage was, the latest rounds dollar amount, and the main investors involved. 

- Market Adoption & Traction: we track their latest customers, interesting partnership, as well as traction in business/tech press/media and across social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

- Other Useful Information: existing competitors, integration/APIs with other ChainTechs, cyber security rating, pricing model, beta testing program, solutions screenshots, video overview and much more.

Find the next BIG opportunity before someone else does!

Unleash the power of data to find the emerging trends, investors, and competitors in the supply chain innovation space. It's an almost real-time queryable database with all the startup funding data. Unlike newsletters, you can cut and slice the funding the data based on region, funding rounds, investors, business model, solutions focus or industries.

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Join dozens of investors who rely on ChainTech to help them evaluate startups and scaleups focused on supply chain.

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