ChainTech Mastermind

A completely new way for ChainTech founders in Asia to collaborate.

The ChainTech Mastermind is a virtual learning, collaboration and insight community that helps LogTech and ProcureTech founders align their impact and outcomes with the needs of the business.

Our platform delivers a unique experience by facilitating structured and curated member-driven activities for founders at all stages, including regular virtual discussions, access to live and on-demand summits and forums, and expert-led Q&A’s.

Present your business, talk about your current challenges in managing your company and generating revenue, and other people attending will ask questions, challenge your model, provide honest feedback and give you suggestions on how to solve your problems.

Take your ChainTech to the next level

- Stress test your strategies with other ChainTech founders focusing on various sectors/industries and solutions and across Asia-Pacific.

- Benchmark your performance and growth roadmap through regular virtual meetings.

- Access thought leadership knowledge or category intelligence from industry experts during our monthly Ask-the-Master Q&A webinar series.

- Learn new skills and translate them into action with access to live events and sessions replays.

- Collaborate, network, benchmark, and grow from anywhere in Asia - no matter your professional level or your location in Asia.

What Will You Learn?

Instead of teaching you more skills, this mastermind is about ACTION and RESULTS through the power of a well led & curated community. It's your vehicle to help you implement what you already know in a way that's faster and customized.

Every element of this Mastermind is built upon three core foundations:

- Structured: Minimize time to impact by presenting information in a straightforward and digestible manner.

- Curated: Leverage our experience so you quickly get what you need rather than wasting time searching.

- Personal: Maximize face-to-face interaction through multiple facilitated collaboration channels.

Super-charge your FOCUS & RESULTS with the ChainTech Mastermind:

- Deeply connect with a small group of 6-8 like minded entrepreneurial people to share your vulnerability and your wins

- Meet twice a month and get a hot seat (complete focus on you!) each time

- Brainstorm with your trusted group, work out all your ideas 

- Follow through even when shiny objects appear OR you're "not feeling it" because your group is supporting you 

- Increase your income and impact faster and in a way that is a lot more fun than going at it alone 

- All meetings are through Zoom videoconference, and there are meeting times to suit all time zones! 

Our discussion topics will include:

- Top trends to watch in ChainTech

- Valuations, acquisition and expansion Strategies

- SaaS pricing strategies

- Selling and marketing ChainTech solutions

- ChainTech users design and experience

- Impact of mobile, social and cloud into ChainTech models

- Scaling your business to the next level

- And any other top topics and prevailing questions that participants have.

Our groups would have a maximum of 8 members to allow for easy interaction and so that everyone in the group would have an opportunity to share and ask questions during each session.

This mastermind is for you if:

• You want to tap into the power of a group of ChainTech founders who share the same goals.

• Eliminating overwhelm, overload, and overwork is a priority in your life.

• You know you can be more and have more when you’re not doing it all alone.

• You want to soar past extraordinary to something greater – ordinary is not an option.

• You’re willing to be challenged.

• You want to help other people grow and develop themselves and their businesses.

This mastermind is NOT for you if:

• You don't have a few hours each month to commit for an open discussion.

• You’re not willing to share your personal insights to benefit other group members.

• Asking for help, even when you know you desperately need it, is not something you’re willing to do.

• You can't give or receive feedback.

• You're seeking quick hacks instead of long-term strategies.

• You're just signing up to see if you'll get accepted.

What you will get by joining:

- Membership in a select group of 6-8 ChainTech founders

- Access to a private group discussion where you can ask question and get answers

- Bi-monhtly 90-minute live interactive sessions with Max Henry as host/moderator

- Each member will get 15 min in each week's group meeting for individualized attention (hot seat)

- Monthly leadership assignments you can plug into your business immediately

- Two assigned accountability partners to help you stick to your goals

- All-Access Pass to the LogTech, ProcureTech and ChainTech events run by GSCC

You will also get:

- Lifelong connections with people who are learning, struggling, growing alongside you.

- A safe, non-judgmental place to explore challenges and opportunities

- There will never be direct competitors in your group

- A team of trusted advisors to assist your journey to success.

Typical Meeting Agenda (90-minutes, online):

- What is my individual challenge at this time? (participant)

- Group poses clarifying questions (group)

- Brainstorming and collaboration to address the challenge (group)

- Which action item can I take to address my challenge? (participant)

• Commit to action items and goals for next meeting

How do you qualify?

- Be an ChainTech, LogTech or ProcureTech startup founder

- Be eager to grow your business across APAC

- Be willing to give and receive feedback at each meeting

- Have a growth mindset and positive attitude

Each member commits to participating for the whole 3 months (even if you can't make it to every single meeting) and to signing a non-disclosure agreement. Cost per month is US$ 199 per participant.

Apply Now at

Space is limited! Only 8 founders from all over APAC will be invited to join!

Membership is not automatic as we want to be sure this mastermind is a good fit for you. After you submit your application, we’ll be in touch to say hi, talk through your goals, and discover whether this is indeed for you. And once you have been fully accepted, you can then proceed with your payment here.