Take your ChainTech to the next level

Are you a founder of a supply chain, logistics or procurement technology vendor lookin to expand internationally?

If you're looking for a hands-on partner to reach a wider audience, ChainTech is the right choice. Our mission is to enable ChainTech founders to help customers around the world with the most effective marketing and lead generation solutions.

> We select your ChainTech company

You have a great solution, but you’re missing the extra marketing push to take it to the next level along with access to the largest corporate clients. We get you the channels you need to succeed in the next stage of your growth journey.

> Your company is ushered through diligence, creative, marketing, etc.

Before our official partnership is launched, your company goes through a rigorous process of optimization. We discuss your promotion plans, your brand and assist you in digital marketing without taking away your control.

> We grow and scale your business together

As part of ChainTech, your solutions is now offered to our extended community of 250,000+ supply chain, logistics and procurement executives and served to our vast client base of manufacturers, retailers, brand owners and 3PLs. No false strategy, just pure innovation and a growth process that works.

Not an agency. A growth engine.

Looking to attract a B2B audience of potential customers? We’ll help you design your growth strategy, inspire your customers, automate your sales and marketing functions and maximise your ROI.


We don’t consult for two hours, then leave you to create your own story. We help you craft a compelling narrative to resonate deeply with your target audience, then weave it into sales material, a new website, and demand generation programs.

  • Identify target audiences: we help you identify and profile supply chain target segments. We focus on your most important audiences and identify what urgent problem will resonate with them most.
  • Craft a compelling story: we help answer three questions so you have a story that sells: Why buy ChainTech solutions? Why buy it now? Why buy from your company?
  • Test your messaging: we organize focus groups and teach you how to present your ideas and products so you never launch messaging without customer validation.
  • Create go-to-market deliverables: we build your customer meeting presentation, website, and demand generation deliverables.


Real traction goes far beyond a few C-level introductions. We help you find design partners and build an end-to-end outbound sales program to close your first million dollars in revenue.

  • Line up prospects: we get customer validation meetings on your calendar so you can start learning from prospects right away.
  • Prepare to pitch: we help craft your outreach message and test several messages to provide a crisp value proposition.
  • Close your first customers: we provide real-time feedback and suggestions in the background to win you important customers and improve your skills.
  • Refine sales strategy: we create a channel to organize customer feedback and improve outreach with voice of the customer feedback.


How do you create engaging, authentic content that your prospective users can use to solve their most urgent problems? We help you understand and build the content you need to nurture your customers.

  • Drive product awareness: we work with you to develop tutorials, workshops, and presentations to engage users at community events online and in-person.
  • Inspire your users: we help you build user guides, product tours, and mini-courses that will nurture your users from awareness to ‘aha’ moments about your product.
  • Equip your users: we develop documentation so your users can quickly find answers to the questions they have. Then we continuously iterate for the best user experience.
  • Enable you: we help you design an education program with playbooks for getting started tutorials, documentation, and online courses. We also help you plan an onboarding program for new engineering hires.

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